Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Still the star of the show!

For a moment there I thought that our Rosemarie was originally comissioned in 1930, by her first owner Mr Arthur H. Henderson from St Mawes, to tow a J-class racing yacht called 'Moonbeam'. After a quick visit to the National maritime museum in Falmouth, I can verify sadly that the 'Moonbeam' which is also registered to Mr Arthur H. Henderson at that time, was not a J-class after all!
She was another wooden working boat, built in Southampton 1913. 24ft by 6.4, 2.9 draft. As for those J-class, they are infectiously beautiful and it was the height of the Kings Cup races in Falmouth at the time that our Rosemarie was built. Its worth noting though, that the J-class will be racing again in the Falmouth Ragatta 27th-30th June 2012. The good news is, that Rosemarie is officially Cornish built; at R.S. Burts & Sons boat yard ('Little Falmouth') This week I am trying to find out the profession of her original owner, and personally I'm glad our wooden tub remains the star of this show!

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