Monday, 17 May 2010

Cirra; Unexpected Interests and more coincidences

It seems that boat owners are a breed of like mind, who love thier craft and have a great inclination to trace the history of their vessel, and in such a way perhaps a soul of the boat is held by all those who have loved her. Each boat inadvertantly drawing them into a community of people who belong to them!

This picture is of a boat called Cirra, in Bristol Harbour. At this time she belonged to Hugh and Monica King, who I interviewed about their time onboard the Rosemarie Houseboat. Last week I got an e-mail from the Cirra's present day owner, who had seen the boat featured in the previous episode of Houseboat TV. He was keen to fill in the gaps of her history and wanted to make contact with the kings! How amazing, coincidental, fateful, fantastic. These are the sort of threads which I'd love to follow, but can't fit into the main storyline. Yet somehow they feed back into it indirectly!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Just one more day to see Hugh and Monica King talking about boat-love on Houseboat-TV! Episode 4 will be revealed on Friday!!! So come back then.