Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Still the star of the show!

For a moment there I thought that our Rosemarie was originally comissioned in 1930, by her first owner Mr Arthur H. Henderson from St Mawes, to tow a J-class racing yacht called 'Moonbeam'. After a quick visit to the National maritime museum in Falmouth, I can verify sadly that the 'Moonbeam' which is also registered to Mr Arthur H. Henderson at that time, was not a J-class after all!
She was another wooden working boat, built in Southampton 1913. 24ft by 6.4, 2.9 draft. As for those J-class, they are infectiously beautiful and it was the height of the Kings Cup races in Falmouth at the time that our Rosemarie was built. Its worth noting though, that the J-class will be racing again in the Falmouth Ragatta 27th-30th June 2012. The good news is, that Rosemarie is officially Cornish built; at R.S. Burts & Sons boat yard ('Little Falmouth') This week I am trying to find out the profession of her original owner, and personally I'm glad our wooden tub remains the star of this show!

Monday, 14 June 2010

I'm really excited about a possible ending for the film, where the keel of the Rosemarie has been re-cylced, reused and floats again on another boat! Guess what this boat is called? Rosa. So it seems that a little piece of the Rosmarie is living on, and not just in our-hearts! It's a strange fact that her keel will go on to have adventures in open seas, which the Rosemarie never truly achieved. Nice twist and I'm glad to be finishing on a good note. This picture is of the skeletal remains of the Rosemarie as she lay on Muddy Beach in Penryn August 2009.The sign is a spoof, that a fellow boat-dweller placed on her, I called the number and got no reply. Still its good to see her being valued even this late in the day.