Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Antidote to aspirational Television-

Houseboat T.V, is the antidote to aspirational Television, eg; the kind of programmes which tell us how we should live, and which are constantly promoting the unobtainable, as an excuse for entertainment. Serving only to feed the dissatisfaction culture of our modern age, where we have everything but remain discontent.

Coming soon (probably next year!) http://www.houseboat-tv.co.uk/

Friday, 18 December 2009

Coming Soon

My first Feature length documentary; 'The Many Romances with Rosemarie' currently in Post-production. After several attempts to gain funding and/or a broadcast platform for a unique creative documentary to no avail this year. I decided to screen the 9 individual 10min interviews, on an innovative web-platform called 'Rosemarie Houseboat TV'

Coming soon, the first on-line episode will be; an interview with Judy Anderson. Screening for just one month, so stay in tune for for latest releases on http://www.houseboat-tv.co.uk/