Monday, 14 June 2010

I'm really excited about a possible ending for the film, where the keel of the Rosemarie has been re-cylced, reused and floats again on another boat! Guess what this boat is called? Rosa. So it seems that a little piece of the Rosmarie is living on, and not just in our-hearts! It's a strange fact that her keel will go on to have adventures in open seas, which the Rosemarie never truly achieved. Nice twist and I'm glad to be finishing on a good note. This picture is of the skeletal remains of the Rosemarie as she lay on Muddy Beach in Penryn August 2009.The sign is a spoof, that a fellow boat-dweller placed on her, I called the number and got no reply. Still its good to see her being valued even this late in the day.

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