Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Musical Heritage of Rosemarie

Tiffany Bryant and Andrew Jarvis Lived onboard the Rosemarie for a period of 3yrs from 2005 to Aug 2008. They were the last residents to live aboard the boat and had formed a band called ‘Thistletown’ during this period. They often wrote and practiced on-board, naming both a song and an album after the Rosemarie.

Several other musical arrangements played on-board Rosemarie including; ‘Shoreline’, and ‘Sons of Noel and Adrian’ with Tom Cowan and Jacob Richardson and new groupings developed from those sessions held onboard the boat, such as My Eagle and My Serpent, with Andrew Jarvis, Tom Cowan and Jacob Richardson.

Then After moving off the boat, and with two of the original ‘Thistletown’ band members; Ben and Lidia Tweddell moving to Brighton another band was formed by those remaining in Cornwall, it was called ‘The Rosemarie Band’ after the boat; with Tiffany Bryant, Andrew Jarvis and Nick Duffy on Bass.

Tim Ashton and Athene Roberts from 'The 3 Daft Monkeys' gypsy, punk-folk band, stayed on-board the Rosemarie Houseboat for just a month in between tours in 1998. They were looking after her for their sound engineer and good friend Mike George, while He travelled to the U.S.A.

Mike owned the Rosemarie from 1996 to 2001. Tim and Athene were often on-board visiting, and composed two tracks whilst staying on the boat; 'Wonderful' and ‘3 Daft monkeys’ , they described this period of time as a pivotal point in their career. As this was the period when the band formed into the 3-piece, with Jamie Waters on Bass and became; ‘The 3 Daft Monkeys’, we know today, having previously been a group known as Lordryk, and before that in the 5-piece ‘Moondragon’.

Two of the Rosemarie's former occupants; Pandora James and Judy Anderson both learned to play the fiddle while living aboard the boat. The boat was owned by Jonathan Craig at this time and he rented it first to Judy, who lived on-board for two years from 1988-1990, Initially at Penryn Quay and then moving her to Muddy Beach. When judy moved off, Jonathan rented the Rosemarie to Pandora, who lived onboard for three years from 1990-1993. Both Judy and Pandy went on to play as part of the Cornwall Fiddle Orchestra which was started by Hudson Swan in 2007.